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Library of Things

Trekking poles for hiking

Cornhole game

Bicycle pump

Electricity Usage Meter

Stud Finder

Children's Adventure Backpack

Books, field guides, compass, magnifying glass and first aid kit. Everything you need to go on a hike!

Harry Potter Family Fun Kit

Includes the first book, audiobook and DVD, and supplies for making owls, Care of Magical Creatures class and Potions class!

Science Family Fun Kit

Includes books and supplies for different science projects to do at home.

Clay Kit

Create a special object out of clay. Includes clay and instructions.

Sewing Kit

Practice simple hand sewing projects.

Watercolor Kit

Explore your artistic side using watercolors.

School Fun Backpacks 

Take home a backpack that will get you ready for starting school! Includes stickers, a bell, writing practice boards and books about school.

Three Little Pigs Problem Solving STEM kit

Help the Pigs build a strong house that the wolf can't blow down.

Three Billy Goats Problem Solving STEM kit 

Construct a bridge out of the pieces in the bag to help save the Billy Goats from the Troll.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Problem Solving Kit

Help Goldilocks build a stronger chair so the bears aren't mad.

Dinosaur Fun Backpack

Dinosaur figures and dinosaur books.

Vehicle Fun Backpack

Wooden vehicles and books.

STEM Motion Kit

Perform motion experiments involving things like force and gravity. Questions help build critical thinking and problem solving skills.

STEM Block Play Early Learning Kit

Activity cards help kids investigate different block designs with activities.

Magnet Fun Backpack

Perform magnet experiments. Lots of books and magnetic object to explore.

Remote Control Gear Bot

Use gears to create remote control robots.

Shapes Fun Backpack

Use shaped parquetry blocks and a wooden Geoboard set to create the objects shown on the mats.

Create a Chain Reaction

Create a chain reaction to help explore engineering concepts and possibilities by solving challenges.

Brick Building Challenge

Use building bricks to explore engineering concepts and possibilities by solving challenges.

Bot Maze

Create a mazes for your Bot to escape.

Survive the Quake

Challenge yourself to create a building that will survive the quake.

Marble Maze

Use blocks to create a structure for the marble to follow.

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