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Trustees of the Goodnow Memorial Building

(Princeton Public Library) Investment Policy

    The Princeton Public Library’s investment assets shall be invested in accordance with sound investment practices that emphasize long term investment fundamentals. In establishing the investment objectives, the Trustees have taken into account the financial needs of the Library, donor restrictions, and other factors. The Trustees have determined that the investment of these assets shall be guided by the following underlying principles:

  • To achieve a positive rate of return over the long term that would significantly contribute to the cash flow needs of the Library;

  • To provide for asset growth at a rate in excess of the rate of inflation, net of expenses;

  • To diversify the assets in order to reduce the risk of wide swings in market value  or of incurring large losses that could occur from concentrated positions;

  • To achieve investment results over the long term that compare favorably with those of other endowments and foundations, professionally managed portfolios and of appropriate market indexes.

    It is expected that these objectives can be obtained through a well-diversified portfolio structure in a manner consistent with this investment policy.

    This investment policy is intended to be a summary of an investment philosophy that provides guidance for the Trustees and other parties interested in the management of the investment assets of the Library.  It is understood that there can be no guarantees about the attainment of the goals or investment objectives outlined here.


    The legal name for gifts to the Princeton Public Library is the Trustees of the Goodnow Memorial Building.  We are a Section 501 c (3) charitable organization.  Gifts made to the Trustees are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.




November 20, 2006

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